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    Quote Originally Posted by The Night Owl View Post
    The claim that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin may have been made long after Mary's death.

    I believe that Paul referenced it in his epistles and many of those where written long before Mary died. Some of the earliest copies of Paul's writing date to about 20 to 30 years after the death of Christ. Mary was probably about 48 to 50 when Christ was crucified. Also it is believed that James, the brother of Jesus, was a older half sibling who was alive for the birth, death and ressurection of Jesus. He was martyred for his teaching of Christ's birth, death and resurrection. How likely do you think it is that he would have gone to his death lying about something that he knew the truth of?
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    Quote Originally Posted by biccat View Post
    If he's going to get philosophical, so can I. He's simply parroting Descartes.
    You're framing up this argument that everything put to paper is either true or false monolithically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelids View Post
    You're framing up this argument that everything put to paper is either true or false monolithically.
    I'm of the assumption that there is no middle ground between the two. If you have an argument to refute this basic assumption, please feel free to do so.

    Night Owl said that words alone are insufficient to prove a fact. This is absurdity to the extreme. Most people do not doubt the existence of the Roman Empire, the proof of which is solely based on words. The fact of Jesus' immaculate conception has been independently verified by various sources. The fact that they were compiled into the Bible does not negate their value.

    Historical writings of Jesus' immaculate conception don't exist outside of religious writings, because those that were witness to God's work became his servants and preached the truth of Jesus Christ.

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    You guys did not listen to me the three times I told you to keep this particular thread on track so I'm locking it. If you want to discuss theology or prophecy or pre-trib/post-trib Dispensationalism that's fine with me but you have to put REL in the title line, keep fairly strictly on topic, and be respectful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Night Owl View Post
    If my existence is not sufficient evidence of my birth, then words on a page are certainly not sufficient evidence that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.

    When Mrs. Smith claims that Bible prophecies have come true, she is stating her beliefs, not verifiable facts.
    The bible passes the tests that are set down for reliable history books.

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