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Sweet Jesus, the Apache Longbow? No freakin way! That helo is so badass. We got AH-1W Super Cobras here, god I love attack helicopters. :D

Do the soviets even have an attack helo that can compete with ours anymore? A couple of my officers got a chance to fly the Hind and said they were really unimpressed. I heard it's a major POS.:p
Ka-50 HOKUM / Black Shark / Werewolf
The KA-50 is a state-of-the-art and powerful battle helicopter which is in limited service with the Russian Air Force. This aircraft is not fielded. Only a handful of prototypes exist, and it has not yet been approved for full-scale production. There are two versions of the Hokum. The Ka-50 Hokum-A is a single seat close support helicopter and the Ka-52 Hokum-B two seat trainer and combat version.