The course of intelligence gathering never did run smoothly. In the United States, this challenge is compounded by the imperfect dynamic between those tasked with protecting the country and liberal legislators who believe they are protecting the country from itself.

The latest kerfuffle has Congressional Democrats accusing the Central Intelligence Agency of having a "secret plan" to capture or kill al-Qaida leadership. To this, any reasonable person might respond, "I should bloody well hope so!" Who doubts that eliminating Osama bin Laden would be a good thing? And as for the plan being secret, what is the CIA to do? Announce on its website that, "agents with baseball bats will be waiting for bin Laden when he comes out of 31 Flavors this evening"?

Of course, this whole issue has been constructed to protect Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the most remarkable moonbats ever to appear in American public life. Back in May, while attempting to chew her way out of a leg-trap set by her left-wing base as to whether she was aware of waterboarding and enhanced interrogation by the CIA, Pelosi accused the agency of misleading Congress "all the time."

Folks who feign fright that the supposedly vapid Sarah Palin could have become vice-president of the United States should consider that, as a Constitutional and practical matter, the Speaker of the House of Representatives wields vastly more power than the vice-president does. And compared to Pelosi, Palin is Golda flippin' Meir.