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  1. #1 Health Care Bill In Trouble 
    Obama to lobby Energy and Commerce Dems

    By Molly K. Hooper
    Posted: 07/21/09 11:23 AM [ET]

    Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce panel are headed to the White House, not their committee room, on Tuesday.

    Instead of continuing their markup, Energy and Commerce Democrats will be lobbied by President Obama at the White House. Tuesday’s continuing markup was canceled, but the panel is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday.

    The delays and intense effort by the White House cast more doubt on whether the House will meet its deadline of voting on the landmark bill before the August recess.

    Conservative Democrats on the panel have criticized the healthcare reform bill’s costs, and complained it does not do enough to reduce long-term healthcare spending. Freshman Democrats have also been worried about growing fiscal deficits and the risk the healthcare bill could add to them, while members from wealthy districts are upset about a surcharge on the wealthy that would be used to pay for some of the bill’s costs.

    The White House meeting is scheduled at 12:45 on Tuesday.

    The Hill
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    Obama has no intention of listening to alternative plans that the Repubs put forth. It is his way or the highway. A closed meeting with only Democrats does not sound like bipartisanship and transparency to me.

    When this lying POS was asked about the 100 million dollars of reduced administrative spending from all agencies that he had promised, he just blew it off. You would think out of a 4 trillion dollar budget that these clowns could come up with a measly 100 million bucks in cuts. Just another one of the lies told by this administration.
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