A satire from here.

Undeterred by his recent set-backs, President Obama and his band of Merry Men (Hillary included) wants to take untold billions, maybe trillions of U.S. dollars and give it all to a non-working, non-taxpaying, non-US citizen, minority.

With no mailing address, no phone number, no email, no way of even verifying whereabouts, weíre all ready to just give our hard earned money to a nebulous entity. Okay,itís not really our money, itís Chinaís. Theyíre just letting us play with it for a while.

Doesnít at all surprise any of us does it? You know, spending all this money for something so necessary that if we donít do it right now, absolutely horrible things will happen. Except this time weíre not going to hear the droning, left-wing mantra ďDo it for the children,Ē because these child abusers are doing it to our children.

So if itís not for the kids, and Iíll tell you right now itís not for you or me, then just who is the beneficiary of this loathsome pecuniary levy?

Surprise! Itís the environment. Isnít that just peachy?

It seems it needs a lot of money, but the environment deserves it, it worked hard this year. Call it a bonus.

You know what a government bonus is, right? No? Thatís when we taxpayers bend over, and they bonus! Okay, not original, but still funny.

Multi-billions is a staggering amount, so just how are we going to deliver all of this cash? Well thatís easy really. As the money comes in, itís going to be placed under a very large pillow. Then in the middle of the night, the Climate Change Fairy will sashay in and take it to the environment. Itís all for a good cause, you know, health careÖjust not yours.

Weíre going to raise the prices on everything produced, through Cap and Trade, to try to bring down the environmentís fever and no, I have no idea where the thermometer goes. And another thought that crosses my mind, how do we know what the correct temperature of the environment is? Has anyone asked it?

Iíve never seen the environment interviewed on TV, so Iím not sure if we know that it wants itís temp lowered, or anything else for that matter. I mean, weíre flying kind of blind here. Does the CIA, NSA or NOAA have any good intel on this issue? We donít what this to become another WMDs in Iraq fiasco.

When you think about it, the environment is kind of scary. Itís REALLY BIG. Not only that, but itís not a member of NATO, the EU, the UN, or any other organization I can think of. Is it rogue? Surely itís not still mad at us. We got rid of George W. Bush.

These are important questions with far reaching implications. What if the environment goes on strike, or holds its breath until it turns blue? It could be like, totally bad. Isnít it time we held talks with the environment, without pre-conditions? Do you think it will welcome us as liberators?