F*** the Democrats!

F*** the Democrats!
by CT yanqui
Wed Jul 09, 2008 at 08:30:27 AM PDT
F*** Reid, F*** Pelosi, F*** Hoyer, F***Rockefeller, and , yes, F*** Obama. F*** ‘em all!

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After 2 years, the Dems have given Bush everything he wanted, from a trillion dollars for Iraq, to the destruction of the Constitution. Now Bush walks away. He gets away with murder, war crimes, and treason. Things will be worse under McCain? They won’t, because they already are. If this FISA vote goes through, I am closing my checkbook and resigning from the Democratic Party after 45 years. I had high hopes in 2006, and after Obama’s nomination, but it is now clear that the Democrats are congenital cowards. Nothing is going to change.


Typical.....DUmmies and Kooks always need someone to tie to the stake and burn.