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Henry Louis Gates arrested and alleges racism. But read the police report


Update: the police report describing Gatesís hysterical behaviour has apparently disappeared from the Boston Globe site. Strange, donít you think?

The top American black scholar Henry Louis Gates has been arrested after accusing police officers of ďracismĒ when they demanded that he prove his identity in his own home near Harvard. Sounds shocking, doesnít it?

The Boston Globe has an account of this complicated incident, which seems to have begun when the professor locked himself out of his house. It portrays Gates as the injured party, handcuffed and taken into custody for (Gates implies) the crime of being a black man.

Hmm. The self-important Gates, who runs Harvardís African-American research centre, has never been slow to allege racism. And the fact that he now faces a charge of disorderly conduct is presented by his supporters as proof of police discrimination.

I wonít comment, except to say: read the police report, which the Globe supplies here in pdf format.

[Not any longer, it seems.] Itís absolutely fascinating. It doesnít just depict Gates playing the race card; it describes him flinging a whole pack of 52 race cards at the officers. And it doesnít

Barack Obama says arrest of black Harvard scholar was 'stupid'

"He runs his mouth without any facts !"

President Barack Obama stepped into the divisive issue of US race relations when he accused police of acting "stupidly" in arresting a black Harvard scholar.