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  1. #1 Woman calls police claiming harassment about having sex with teen 
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    ALBANY, Ore. - A 24-year-old woman called police Saturday, to say she was being harassed by her neighbors for having sex with a 13-year-old boy she met in downtown Albany, detectives said.

    On Tuesday police arrested Arlayne Cheryl Curiel on multiple sex offenses. Investigators said she met the boy and he later came to her home on Salem Avenue early Saturday morning, where she gave him alcohol. The two went next door to an unoccupied house where Curiel had sex with the boy. “I didn’t really know what I was doing so I don’t know what it would be called basically,” said the victim.

    She later called police claiming neighbors were harassing her about having sex with the boy after an offhanded comment she made. “She said she wasn’t sure if she messed around with a young boy,” added friend Alasha Torres.

    Curiel denied the allegations to investigators, but after interviewing the boy, police said they had evidence to make an arrest.

    Curiel was charged with rape, sex abuse, burglary and giving a minor alcohol, and taken to the Linn County jail.
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    She must be from Florida . . . ;)
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    That wasn't alcohol she gave him, it was "Jesus Juice"...
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    what a fatty :(

    poor kid :)
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