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    From this email.

    We can do something about this healthcare bill. It's an abomination in its present form, in my opinion, and will further ruin our economy.

    Here's what you can do to help.

    Democrats in the United States Congress are on the brink of passing the most expensive health care "experiment" in the history of our nation. This experiment will be an enormous burden to taxpayers, with the freedom to choose the care that is right for you and your families taken away. According to the non-partisan Lewin Group, two out of three Americans would lose their health coverage under the Democrat plan. As the health care debate intensifies in Congress this week, we want to provide you with the most information and resources possible to defeat the proposed Democrat health care overhaul, which will cost taxpayers and severely reduce the quality of care.
    We are reaching out to you with a Call to Action to join us in defeating President Obama's costly, government-run health care system.
    Please visit where you will find talking points, research materials, and templates for letters to the editor and op-eds, as well as contact information for radio talk shows and many newspapers.
    There are many ways for you to get involved:
    • Share your opposition to the Democrats' experiment and share your ideas.
    • Call your local radio station.
    • Send a letter to the editor or op-ed to your local newspaper.
    • Forward the link to your family and friends and ask them to help.
    • Write or call your Member of Congress.
    President Obama's health care experiment is wrong for America. I am asking you to share this website and information with the women in your state and take action against President Obama and Congressional Democrats.
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    I think your link is broken - it takes me to Charter Communications home page.
    I long for the days when our President actually liked our country.
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