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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol View Post
    Of course it's the "right wingers" fault that the leftists are mean-spirited bullies to each other.

    Leftists rule--never take responsibility for anything, not even your emotions or actions, and always claim you're a victim..
    Great post.

    First, Moonbats love to be the victim; its their get out of jail free card every time they hreat other people like a piece of sh*t.

    Second, they like to blame someone else for being a mean spirited dickhead who wants to hurt/ destroy everyone who disagrees with them.

    Third, its an excuse not to grow up and to keep acting like the vile spoiled brat that your parents raised you to be.
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    Why is Canada importing stupid people?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Vegas View Post
    Watch them get into a car accident when they are up there and need medical attention. Bet you they'll be on the first flight for life to the US for treatment.
    Or just a cold.
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