Sorry for the title, I like to be very unique when I post articles.

Name is Charles; born and raised in the good ol United States of America. Parents are from Puerto Rico though. No, I'm not a Democrat even though I am Hispanic; I believe in Conservative policies and look forward to some great debating around here. It's kinda nice to be around others whom one shares points of view sometimes.

I usually hang out in a very interesting blogsite where, although most are Republican or Conservative or both, we have a few Liberal/Democrats who make things interesting. So as to not break any rules I am not aware of at this time, I will gladly share my blogsite thru private msg, unless I am allowed to put it here.

Like others, I too will be cross posting my articles looking for more opinions about my ideas, opinions and beliefs. I hope many will find my articles worth reading and commenting and I look forward to reading others comments as well. Thank you and see you in the comment section.