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I have a ton of police run ins.

Here is just one...for now.

I was on my way home from my dads, and was passing a Chase bank where I use to keep money, I have a account there that I want to close, so I stop to do so.

I tell the teller I want to close my account, she says I can't, and have to come back wed. ..I say , NO ...I want to close it NOW, she refuses, I raise my voice and tell her off....then leave.

I get home, and after a few minutes of telling my wife I wasn't allowed to close my account when I see 3 cop cars pull up in front of my house.

I go to the door and ask what they are doing. They say...

"Were you just at this bank?"

I say YES I was.

They said they were there to arrest me because I threw a pen at the lady.

I said what ? ...I never threw a pen.. The cop shouted back..

"I saw the video tape sir"

I was shocked, because I knew I NEVER threw a pen, so I replied...

"Are you telling me that the video shows me throwing a pen at that lady?"

his reply

"Well, it doesn't show that, but you DID raise your voice."


"{yelling} ..,.I am raising my voice right fucking now, why don't you tape it ..get the fuck off my property you stupid fucking assholes, I will own you retards if you don't leave right fucking now.

They wrote me a ticket for throwing a pen at a lady....battery charge

I went to court and told the judge,..

"If this isn't thrown out today, my lawyer will subpoena the vidoe tape and I will be in here asking for his badge."

The judge shot a look over to the officer...

And 6 seconds later it was tossed out.
I'm assuming you posted this as it relates to the way the police treated Gates. You left out the part where the police claimed the teller said it was a dago wop that threw the pen at her, then she claimed she never said it.