Or stuffed burgers, we have done this before but all was lost with the crash, so here it is again! We had some grilled corn with it, I kinda did a play on Eagles grilled corn recipe

For the corn, peel the husk back and take off the silk.
soak the corn in cold water for 30 mins.
put on indirect heat on grill for 10 mins per side.
Peel the husk and caramelize the corn by putting it on the heat for a couple of mins per side.

For the burgers;

Pre-heat grill to medium.
I mixed pork and beef ground meat, about 1.5 lbs of each
For 4 burgers, make 8 piles of equal sized meat.
shape into patties and kind of depress the middle for a pocket for your stuffing.
We mixed some chopped onion, portobello mushrooms, jalapenos, three cheese mix and bacon to stuff them with.
It is easy to grill these burgers if you have a grill basket, you can flip without breaking them apart, if not just be carefull when you flip them.
Since I used pork in the burger I cooked these for 15 minutes per side over direct heat, to about 155 drgrees.

Having fun

starting the corn

Starting the burgers and finishing the corn.

At the end, add a couple of slices of american cheese to the burgers and add butter and salt to the corn and go to town!!