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I still have to say, I don't fully buy the whole Birther argument. But they do have some valid points. But in that, so do Truthers. But that doesn't mean they are right about their claims of some conspiracy.

I still have to stand by and say if Hillary could have taken Obama out during the elections, she would have. And proving he is ineligible to be POTUS, she would have.
I don't either, but the document that Kos or HuffPo put up as the COLB looks like a forgery.

His fathers "Race" is listed as "African", when it would have been "Negro" back in those days.
The lower left corner of the black border line are mis-aligned like a sloppy photo shop.

An actual birth certificate does not seem like too much to ask for, since the travesty is drinking beer in the White House. But it will never be seen.