Late yesterday, Prof. "I'm a black man in America" Gates, Officer Crowley, and President Barack "I'm ready to drink myself into oblivion" Obama, along with the idiot who's the current VP (who needs no introduction) all sat down for a nice...quiet...[s]photo op[/s]...err...round of beers. It seems Obama had a change of heart and decided that Officer Crowley wasn't as "stupid" as he first thought (since his comments suggesting such a thing have contributed to his continually diving poll numbers).

Hot Air has a great round up piece on the event. Of note:


Tapper, live on the scene, relays the excruciating details:

In the less than two minutes that we were out there, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sgt. Jim Crowley did almost all of the talking. It didn’t appear chummy, but then again Gates has said Crowley racially profiled him, falsified a police report about him, and owes him an apology. Crowley says he did nothing wrong, resents being portrayed as a racist, and has said he came here with the understanding that he and Gates had agreed to disagree…
Both Gates and Crowley brought their families to the White House and they toured the East Wing together before the sit-down. Gates brought his kids, fiancé and father. Crowley brought his wife and kids.
Later on we find out that the President had very little to contribute to the meeting, other than the beers. (Click on the link above to see a vid of Officer Crowley's statement and brief Q & A).

So - if the President had very little to do with the whole meeting - why call it in the first place?
Because it makes for a nice picture...That's why.

Anything to get his poll numbers up, even if that means a little "Ebony and Ivory" diplomacy, at the expense of one of the brothas.