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I have a Hillary Republican neighbor

I have a neighbor who is a lifelong Democrat and one of the few Democrats here in my neighborhood. We have been neighbors 15 years and have occasional conversations that inevitably turn to politics. We share progressive values. The last time I saw her she thanked me for the anti-war sign I have in my yard.

Our kids are best friends. They are grown now but still very good friends. Her son has always told me his mom is crazy and I have always said well she is a good progressive in red state hell so she can't be too crazy.

Then just a few minutes ago I ran up to the store and noticed a campaign sign in her yard for a Republican candidate. Here in Kansas, we have two kinds of Republicans, moderates and conservatives. I call them sane and insane. My neighbor's sign is of a sane Republican but a Republican none the less.

So I ask my son what's up, is her husband a Republican? And he says no, Mom, she was a HUGE Hillary supporter and hates Obama. So she decided to register as a Republican and put every Republican campaign sign in her yard she could get her hands on.

This is especially interesting since she lives in a high profile house on a busy corner lot and I have asked her many times in the past if I could put a sign for a Democrat in her yard. She always said no, she didn't like signs in her yard. So I didn't push it. I am working for another neighbor who is running for state house and he understands she doesn't want a sign but he believed he could count on her vote. Now I guess not.

So it finally hit home with me. I just told another friend yesterday that I believed these Hillary supporters who refused to support Obama were a small but vocal minority and I didn't think they were a threat to his candidacy. But now I don't know since it has hit so close to home for me.

So what about you? Do you know any Hillary Republicans?
All your Hillary voter are belong to us! :D