Okay, it's August so I'm gonna start following baseball now. Yeah, I know that's lame but hey, they play 162 games.

I'll watch a game now and then and go to a couple of games in person but I don't really follow the game until August.

So, who do you like? That's a two-fer question. Who would you like to see win and [B]who do you think has the best chance to win[/B ]if the cjpices happen to be mutually exclusive.

My own team, the one I follow through thick and thin, is the Atlanta Braves.

Teams that I like to see do well are the Boston Red Sox, The Philadelphia Phillies, The Detroit Tigers and the White Sox. Among the relatively new teams, I like the Marlins, Tampa Bay and Arizona.

I am also a National League fan because I don't like the designated hitter.

I figure the best teams in the AL are the Yankees and Red Sox and the Angels and Rays are good too.

The best in the NL are the Dodgers, the Phillies and the Cards. and Rockies.

I know these don't necessarily match divisiions but the the division/wild-card races haven't even begun to shake out.

So, who do you like?