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  1. #1 Grieving mother fined for taking too long to say goodbye to dead baby boy 
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    Grieving mother fined $146 by crematorium for taking too long to say goodbye to dead baby boy

    A grieving mother who took too long to say goodbye to her dead baby son has been hit with an $146 penalty charge by crematorium staff. Terrie Rouse could not bear to leave five-week-old Zane's coffin and spent an extra 10 minutes with him before allowing it to be taken away for cremation. However the mother of three was later handed the fine - $14.50 a minute - on top of the standard baby cremation fee of $54 for her tearful final goodbye. '

    'The vicar asked if I would like to spend a bit more time saying goodbye," said Miss Rouse.'I sat by the coffin for 10 minutes, telling my son how much we loved him and begging him not to be scared.'

    Zane's unemployed father, Lee Smythe, today branded the charges imposed by officials from Milton Keynes Council, which runs the crematorium, as 'sick and disgusting'.'Terrie was weeping hysterically. She just wanted a few extra minutes to say goodbye to our much-loved little boy. How could anyone be cruel enough to charge for this?'

    The couple's funeral directors, Masons of Bletchley, said there was still plenty of time for the next funeral which was not due to take place until 50 minutes after baby Zane's.

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    We understand that sometimes more time may be preferred and so families are offered the chance to book extra time if they need it,’ he said.

    ‘This means when funerals that have not taken up this option over-run, a fee is automatically charged.
    Holy Zippo! You have to plan your grief reaction? I'm pretty organized but I doubt I could pull that off. They refunded the money eventually but still.....:mad:
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    How awful is that?

    This is the result of soulless companies taking over the old, family-run funeral homes. They don't have long-term business relationships with the people in the community anymore.
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    That is just freakin horrible. It's bad enough that dying costs an arm and a leg, but grieving for the dead does as well?
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