Why Was Biden There?
Tunku Varadarajan, 08.03.09, 12:00 AM ET

Here are five thoughts--four whimsical, one relatively serious--on the beer summit at the White House, hosted by President Obama for Professor Gates of Harvard and Sergeant Crowley of the Cambridge Police, with Vice-President Biden in attendance.

1. Why didn't one of the men have the guts to ask for a glass of wine? Was I the only one to find the (pseudo) blue-collar beer trope rather irritating?

2. How depressing that two of the four men drank beer that was "lite," and one drank "beer" that was non-alcoholic. How depressing, in particular, that the President drank Bud Lite, indisputably the most disgusting beer in the world.

3. Why, oh why, do people put fruit in their beer? (Crowley dunked a slice of orange in his, Biden a slice of lemon.) It is an inane custom, and ruins both the beer (except in the case of Bud Lite) and the fruit.

4. Why didn't the president and the vice-president keep their jackets on, as their guests did? The rolled-shirtsleeves stuff was a hackneyed bid for informality, especially with the ties still on.

5. Now to my serious question: Why was Biden there?

Interesting article - but I have to say that the thing that bothers me most about the whole damn article - is what it says above the title on the Forbes webpage. "Los Estados Unidos" WTF!?:mad: