Sometimes, you look at the actions of others, and wonder why somebody would do the things they do. People are often capable of the most self-defeating behavior, and their actions can have a long-term detrimental effect not only on themselves, but also on those around them.

Many times, however, what seems like madness on the surface actually has a deeper purpose, one that is perhaps not readily apparent to the casual observer, but which can be parsed if you're willing to take the time to do so. What seems merely crazy may instead be "crazy like a fox." Or at least it's trying to be.

I suspect that this may be the case with the way that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have been pursuing their legislative agenda to date.

So far, all the signals point to a certain insanity on the part of the Dems. They forced through a massive "stimulus" package that was unpopular with the American people, without even giving legislators the time to read the massive bill. What's more, the Democrats actively sought to hide the text of the bill from the people, despite the promises of transparency that supposedly came with this new administration.

Since then, the stimulus has completely failed to stimulate anything but the wallets of the very bankers who supposedly got us into this economic mess in the first place, and has become even more deeply unpopular with the American people as time has progressed. The American people have also expressed their concern with the massive deficits that the spending by the Democrats — stimulus-related or not — are generating, and the load of debt and impoverishment that this threatens to place upon us, our children, and our grandchildren.

Yet, this hasn't stopped certain highly placed Democrats from floating the possibility of further stimulus packages — bills which will probably be rocketed through Congress and to the President's desk once the present furor dies down and the people go back to a sitcom induced sleep.

The government takeover of GM was viewed very negatively by the people — but this didn't stop Obama.
Neither has the unpopularity of other massive, completely unwarranted and unprecedented moves by the increasingly imperious federal government.

Not content to merely restrict the pay of executives in banks receiving federal money, Congress is now moving to establish controls on the pay of ALL executives.

The Democrats have also been foisting off onto the American people the extremely unpopular "cap and tax" plan to limit and tax carbon emissions by American industry and utilities, something which basically all competent economists agree will act as a de-facto tax increase on every American who buys manufactured goods, drives a vehicle, or gets electricity from a power plant that burns fossil fuels.

All of this, I might add, being done in response to fears about anthropogenic global warming — a theorized phenomenon which is increasingly being rejected by scientists in the relevant fields of study, and which a majority of Americans believe is either non-existent or greatly hyped.
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But now, Obama and the Democrats in Congress are in the process of pushing through the federal takeover of the health care sector — a full one-sixth of the entire economic sector. The move to socialize medicine is also broadly unpopular.

It's not just being opposed by pro-life advocates who decry the efforts to include taxpayer-funded abortion as part of the deal, but also by senior citizens and their children — people who rightly worry that the rationing, bureaucratic distribution of resources, and quinquennial consultations with government health care "experts" to see if the elderly are deserving of continued medical care will severely curtail the quality and quantity of health care for the segment of our population that disproportionately needs it.

Then, to top it all off, in a nation already roiling with Tea Parties and incipient tax protest, we just found out that Obama's top advisors are recommending tax increases on the middle class to pay for this boondoggle in the making. This, after Obama's campaign promises about "cutting" taxes on the middle class, streamlining government, and making it more user friendly.

So, what do we as conservatives do about? We have to intensify our efforts to highlight the failures (engineered per my theory, or not) of the Democrats' economic policies and magnify public distrust to the point that enough of the weaker members of the Democratic herd break and start voting against it. We have to go to Tea Parties, call our representatives incessantly, get loud and make our voiced heard.

Most of all, we have to educate people about what's going on. We need to work to re-inculcate the ideology of liberty into our people, one neighbor, one co-worker, one family member at a time. Even if I'm wrong, and there isn't some sort of grand master plan, even if the Democrats really are as dumb as many of us think they are, the net effect of their policies will still generally be the same as I've outlined above. The Democrats are hoping that the conservative resurgence will play itself out before too many people "catch on." We have to make sure that this doesn't happen.