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    Response to Original message
    23. This isn't even the Cub Scouts of discussion boards
    DU isn't even the thrown together tree house of discussion boards.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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    DU as a military unit:

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    So they are comparing themselves to the Marine Cops now.

    Is this the same military that they say is full of killers and brainwashed loosers? Is this the same military that they say guns down millions of innocent civilians? So I guess that accepting gays and lesbians is out now too.

    While I did not join the Marines, I was a Navy Coprsman for 22 years and spent more time in cammies than bellbottoms, I will say that a PVT fresh off the drill field has more morals and self esteem than that collection of social misfits.

    Why don't they compare themselves to the republican guard. They supress freedom, run rampent over the population, control thought, the press and freedom of expression. That is more like the dump than Uncle Sams finest! Semper FI
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teetop View Post
    DUmmieland is the diaper pail of discussion boards.
    DUmmieland Depends?
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