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Tue Jan-31-06 03:48 AM
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Jan 31, 7-9 pmish DEMAND BUSH STEP DOWN!!

Are you pissed about Alito? Who is REALLY responsible for this mess? Our DEM Senators or the nut job who appointed him? Probably a little bit of both, but who has REALLY GOT TO GO? That liar in the White House is going to go out and flap his jaws again. Let's MAKE SOME NOISE and let Him KNOW --- WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BUSHIT.

************ For a protest in your area, see below.

Sorry for the late notice. There is something Feb 4th too.

Check out http://worldcantwait.net

Jan. 31, on The Night of President Bush’s State of the Union Address:

Bring the Noise!

Drown Out Bush’s Lies!

In large cities and small towns all across the country, join in rallies one hour before Bush’s address as we make our determination to “Drive Out the Bush Regime” the political message of the day.

At 9:00 PM EST, just as Bush starts to speak, everywhere we will BRING THE NOISE. In a cacophony of sound, we will drown out his address with music: from drums to violins, from hip hop and classical; and with noise: banging pots and ringing church bells, sound car horns and lifting our voices.
How to find a protest in your area for the State of the Union Address

Call your Senator/Congressperson..Walk out on Bush SOTU!

Democratic Underground Google Search: Protest Republican Convention

Democratic Underground Google Search: Protest Bush Town Hall Meeting

Democratic Underground Google Search: Protest Town Hall Meeting

So while we Republicans are "mobs of corporate thuggery", using "scare tactics as town hall hooligans", and are "nazi's carrying swastikas", those who protested against Republicans were simply grass-roots patriotic Americans.

There's not an eye-roll or B.S. smilie big enough to demonstrate your hypocrisy.