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Stinky just confronted a major Rightwing Asshat!!
We were parking at the grocery store just now, and an old van pulled up to the curb with a huge hand-made sign on the back: "STOP SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON!" On the bumper were all the expected "Power of Pride," "Support the Troops" kinds of stickers.

"I'm going to say something to him," said Stinky.

"No! Don't make a scene -- just don't say anything!" said I, always afraid of confrontation.

Then we noticed yet another big sign on the side window, like the one in the back: "STOP SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON!" Also, big painted eagles and flags on the doors.

"I gotta say something," said Stinky.

"Don't say anything! Just give him a look or something."

The guy had walked into the movie store, and when he came out, sure enough, Stinky said, friendly as can be, "Lemme ask you something." The guy stopped. "Sure."

"How big a moron are you?"

"I'm a little moron," said the guy, clearly not ready for a confrontation.

Stinky: "A little moron, huh? Are you afraid she's gonna bite yer balls off?"

"She's not through yet!" said the guy.

Stinky called him something -- a "fucking asshole" I believe -- to which the guy replied in kind, and then, "Oh yeah, you liberals! Liberals!"

I was SO nervous, but smiled afterwards in spite of myself. The guy's van was totally In Your Face, so Stinky got in his face back. "We gotta stand our ground and give it back to 'em," says the clown.

I'm not saying I encourage such things... but I'll admit to some satisfaction.
Wow...that's some confrontation. LOL

Hmmm....moonbats get all confrontational when they can't take a sign on a car that they don't like.

Then they boast about how wonderful, big and tough they are (like they won or something) when the conservative takes the high road and simply defuses the situation.

This must be a true bouncy. No coherent story, no conversion.......only liberals boasting about how tough they are.
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5. Of course not. That wasn't the point.
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Anybody with that kind of signage all over his car isn't about to have his mind changed about his politics. But any assumptions he might have had about nobody reacting are gone.
And I'll bet he laughed all the way home about how the liberal couldn't control himself or his emotions.
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8. Shucks, I never do anything but get nervous!
(Did I tell you about the time he went into a Vietnam Vets organization tent on the mall in DC one veteran's day, wearing a DU "Hero/Zero" shirt -- showing Kerry getting his medals and Bush in his phony flight-suit costume? He said nothing confrontational, but sure got some looks!!)
LOL. The Vietnam Vets were all mentally shaking their head and thinking, "What a jerk."