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Wow...that's some confrontation. LOL

Hmmm....moonbats get all confrontational when they can't take a sign on a car that they don't like.

Then they boast about how wonderful, big and tough they are (like they won or something) when the conservative takes the high road and simply defuses the situation.

This must be a true bouncy. No coherent story, no conversion.......only liberals boasting about how tough they are.

And I'll bet he laughed all the way home about how the liberal couldn't control himself or his emotions.

LOL. The Vietnam Vets were all mentally shaking their head and thinking, "What a jerk."
Actually, they were thinking "They're not worth the time I'll do in prison." and " I fought enemies of the United States for these pathetic people?". These people who protest free speech and denigrate those who served this country honorably deserve nothing.