grow the fuck up
between you guys and freek republic its like you guys WANT a civil war.I'm a loyal dem who is appalled at BOTH sides

some People here are calling for ALL protesters to be arrested and calling for the first and second amendments to be suspended.Thats nuts. we cant pick and choose what rights we have depending on if its us or them protesting

People on BOTH sides are talking about bringing guns...tell you what about that...dont do it.I dont give a fuck what side you are on..if you pull a gun I hope you get your ass killed for it

I'm TIRED of this BULLSHIT from BOTH sides.GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

Why do we sound so much like they did 5 years ago?
ddeclue (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-07-09 08:48 PM
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1. I beg your pardon but the two sides are NOT equal...
nobody on our side is making death threats and beating people up at open houses and intimidating people.

if you can't handle the truth perhaps you shouldn't be here.
TokenQueer (329 posts) Fri Aug-07-09 08:53 PM
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7. Beating people up at open houses?
I missed that one. Sheesh, what's next for these goons?
BOTH SIDES need to grow the fuck up

lets ALL back the fuck off before we end up in a civil war ok?
obliviously (683 posts) Fri Aug-07-09 09:23 PM
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14. It was union people That beat up a black conservative man!
cliffordu (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-07-09 09:30 PM
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17. And where was this??
obliviously (683 posts) Fri Aug-07-09 09:41 PM
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27. I found this My wife was watching tv and I heard it in the background.
canetoad (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-07-09 09:50 PM
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34. Locking
Yeah! It got inflammatory when they found out union thugs beat up a black man!