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    HOUSTON -- A teenager died after he crashed a SUV into the back yard of a northwest Harris County home early Friday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

    Harris County sheriff's deputies said the 16-year-old was driving at least 90 mph when he crashed on Champions Forest Drive near Teakwood Forest Drive at about 1 a.m.

    Detectives said the teen crashed into a wooden fence before hitting a Hummer that was parked in a driveway.

    The teen was decapitated by a wooden fence post, deputies said.

    "He doesn't have any identification on him," Sgt. S. Wolverton said. "It may just be driver inexperience."

    The force of the impact pushed the Hummer into another home's back yard, officials said. It was totaled.
    Inexperienced driver

    I've been driving for decades, but I can't say that I have any experience at all doing 90 through someone's yard. I'm not really sure having a lot of experience doing that sort of thing would have helped him too much with the fence post anyway. Fence posts are notoriously uncooperative and insensitive to the high speed driving training needs of youth. No mention if alcohol was involved, but I'm pretty sure Darwin was.
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    That's terrible. I was the most cautious teen driver ever. My little brother flipped my mom's car into a ditch 4 days after he got his license. Maybe it's a boy thing?
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    I think the experience factor is in knowing that there are very few times when going 90 mph is a good decision.
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