Yemen: Camel urine trade flourishing

Sanaa - Camel urine, considered an ancient Islamic 'remedy' from the time of the Prophet Mohammed, has become big business for men and women in Yemen. The urine has become fashionable recently among Yemen's young people, who claim that it strengthens the scalp, slows hair loss and promotes healthy hair. According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, hair salons throughout the country are requesting this precious 'tonic' and selling it at four dollars a litre

''In a 'hadith' (or narrative), foreigners are said to have gone to the holy city of Medina with high fever and the Prophet Mohammed ordered them to leave the city and drink urine and milk from a camel to help them recover.'' - article. Modern Islamic medicine, for sure. Maybe this is an improvement over the way the users usually smell.
My wife just walked by and read over my shoulder. I had to laugh at her comment.

Muslims in the middle east -- the only people on earth that would smell better after dousing their hair with camel urine!!!!!