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My nephew has to pay 300.00 a month to eat while serving
our military. Why are we charging our soldiers to eat? He and his buddies sent this video to my sister, his mom. He is the one in the video who is asked what he thinks, and he says "he hopes he doesn't die". 2/4 E Co 1st Plt Spyrig in Okinawa Japan
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3. i want to hear the details about that,
but if it's true it can only be because feeding the troops has been privatized and those war profiteers are all about their paycheck.

Do these morons ever look anything up??

Basic Allowance for Subsistence
BAS is a continuation of the military tradition of providing room and board (or rations) as part of a servicemember's pay. Although BAS is meant to offset the cost your meals, it is important to note that BAS is not intended to cover the costs of meals for family members.

Since January 1, 2002 most enlisted members get full BAS, but they must pay for their own meals, even those provided by the government.*

Because BAS is intended to provide meals for the servicemember, the monthly rate is based on the price of food. Therefore, each year it is readjusted based upon the increase of the price of food as measured by the USDA food cost index.

NEW - 2008 BAS Rates:
Because service members are assigned to a variety of situations, some of which either mandate or prevent obtaining meals from a government facility, there are two types of enlisted BAS, each based on a differing unit circumstances:

Enlisted: $294.43 a month

If you have a chance, watch the Youtube. Those guys are having a blast. Are they coptor repelling?