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    This is really funny because I can specifically remember at least 10 times I have heard Beck warn that doing anything violent will be used to discredit us and will give the left an excuse to crack down fascist style.

    I can also recall hearing Mike Malloy wish for the death of Bush and his hoping that Beck kills himself.

    I can recall Julianne Malveaux, commentator in USA today, many other newspapers, and frequent guest on CNN and other "news" networks, wanted Clarence Thomas to eat a lot of bacon so he would die early of heart failure.

    I can remember thinly veiled movies glorifying the violent death of President Bush.

    I have never heard Rush, or Hannity or ANY right wing host call for anything except vocal vigilance.

    We don't call it the DUmp without a reason.
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    I long for the days when our President actually liked our country.
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