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"Hot Damn, is he going to get an earfull from her being the coward that he is !"

SOUTHLAKE _ A Chick-fil-A drive-through disagreement turned violent when two young men repeatedly punched a woman after she slapped one of them during a yelling match, police said Sunday."Just in front of them was a Bentley," Southlake police Lt. Ben Brown said Sunday. "But they couldn’t get around it, so her husband honked twice." ...

The Bentley driver got out of his car and the woman exited the passenger side of the couple’s vehicle, police said. The Bentley driver and the woman yelled at each other, police said. Within seconds, two young men got out of the Bentley and joined in the dispute, Brown said. One of the young men slapped the woman who slapped him back, police said.

The two men knocked the woman to the ground and punched her, police said.The woman’s husband tried to get out of his vehicle, but the Bentley driver kept him from getting out, police said.