Raven (1000+ posts) Sat Jul-12-08 09:47 PM
Original messageWhy would the Post Office want my drivers license number?
I think I goofed today. I had a notice in my post office box to check with the clerk and I did because I thought maybe I had a package. Turns out, he says the PO is "updating" their info and he wanted my drivers license number. There was a line waiting behind me (which is no excuse) so I gave it to him...is this a way to look for illegals? I should have raised hell but maybe it is too late. Maybe we are too far down the slippery slope. Are they monitoring my mail????
TomInTib (1000+ posts) 9. I'm going to walk over to the Post Office right now and ask.

What the hell kind of situation would call for that?

I'll be right back.
Tom's going to check into it for you.