Try and figure this out. If the health care legislation currently being debated has the public option, then the Democrats will lose most of the 52 Blue Dogs and most of the 15 moderate Democrats in the Senate.

If it doesn't have the public option, then Democrats will lose most of its liberal wing. Either way, the Democrats can't put together a bill that will have enough votes to pass.

Now, that sounds to me like a problem that affects Democrats and Democrats only. In fact, with 60 votes in the Senate and 256 in the House, the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for not passing any legislation. They have enough votes to create a sort of Parlimentary majority.

(by parliamentary I mean like the British parliament where the ruling party passes its entire agenda and when something doesn't pass that's a no confidence vote)

The Democrats can bemoan and cry about the Republicans refusal to get on board, but all of it is nonsense. First, they don't need Republicans to get on board.

Second, if they had a bill that the people wanted, they wouldn't care if Republicans were on board. Third, and most importantly, if they wanted a bi partisan bill, why is the bill they have crafted so liberal.

It's 1017 pages. It has 53 new bureaucracies. It expands Medicaid and Medicare. It includes business and individual tax increases.

It doesn't include health savings accounts. It doesn't allow for health insurance to cross state lines.

It has no tort reform. Just think about that for a minute.

The Democrats craft a bill with every liberal fantasy and allow for no conservative ideas, and then bemoan the Republicans' lack of bi partisanship.