First I had to get some 2x4s to stack up to get the unit 1/2 inch above the storm window frame. Then I had to figure out how to put on various pieces based on poorly illustrated, non-explicit directions. Then I had to try to fit the support brackets on - the holes for the screws didn't even line up with the holes on the bottom of the unit casing!!! Then I had to try to get the unit to tilt downward a little on the outside so it could drain the condensation. Then a bunch of other things went wrong. Towards the end, I started sliding the unit into the installed casing and it got stuck! It would not slide all the way in! I finally got it after a couple attempts, but then one of the locking screws wouldn't go in! Then came the time to put the inner cover on. It would not go on right! I finally just brute-forced it on, but it still seemed like it could pop off. Thankfully, there was a locking screw for that, too.


"Easy to install" my arse!

Man, I hate machines. And I've got two more to install!