oktoberain (1000+ posts) Sat Jul-12-08 06:56 PM
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Serious post. If you have any extra money at all, please read.
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Right now, food prices are going up and food bank donations are down. As a member of the "poor class" (with some education, thank goodness) please let me humble myself to ask.

If you have any extra money, PLEASE donate to your local food bank. Poor Americans are in a dire situation. You know the annoyingly high electricity and gas bill you're paying? Poorer Americans are dealing with the same thing, with less resources. I personally know of a woman just a couple of mobile homes down who's eating canned cat food and rice. There's an elderly woman down the street who's living on canned green beans and white rice.

People are desperate. Please god, if you have anything you can If you need help finding a resource, I will PERSONALLY assist you. Consider this a request on my knees. I will GLADLY volunteer my time, but I'm just as poor as they are. I have no money to give. This request to those who are better off than me is the best I can do.

Please, please. Even if it's just cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie mix from your cupboard. Anything helps.

On my knees for the hungry of America,

Gawd braindead in Oktober try getting rid of that $100.00 per month cable / internet bill may help alot.

some posters are also in agreement and claim as much poverty as the OP but yet their loyalty to du MAKES THEM PAY FOR AN ISP EVERY MONTH