I am going to quote the whole post because it's important to see that the OP doesn't answer his own question: there are no reasons, just a lot of emotion. This is what bothers me about Barack supporters in general.

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Why I am supporting Obama- in case anyone cares ;)

I just finished watching the movie “Bobby” again. It always makes me cry at the end. Not because it’s a particularly great movie, I really didn’t care about the back stories that belonged to the characters, but because of the footage of Bobby Kennedy throughout the film that shows him campaigning for president in 1968. And what he meant to the people of this country.

I was two years old in 1968 so I had no idea of what a year that was. I also come from a REPUBLICAN family. I grew up in one of those families where you voted like your parents did and Daddy let you know who the right people were to vote for thank you very much.

“The Democrats are just no good.” I would hear my Mother and Grandfather say. My Dad was working three jobs at the time in the mid 70’s when I started to question things, and there was never ever a good thing said about a Kennedy in my house, and GOD help you if you tried to argue the fact. I don’t remember debate or discussion-just the truths in the house I grew up in:

Protesters were just drug addicts with nothing important to say-but they hated America and if they didn’t like this country they should get the hell out.

The people who went to Canada to avoid the draft should be brought back and shot for being deserters.


We vote Republican because we Vote Republican. Those Damn Democrats want to put everyone on welfare and tax us to death.

Oh and by the way, the Kennedy’s are no good.

So, I lived my life believing the Kennedy’s were no good and I voted for Regan in the first election I was old enough to vote in and I voted for Daddy Bush like I was supposed to. My mother told me that George wasn’t really pro life and she was sure Barbara was pro-choice so I shouldn’t worry about abortion rights and I wasn’t going to have sex until I was married anyway so why worry about it.? I was in college by the time we had that conversation and had an anxious moment at the Family Planning clinic before I got on the Pill.

Slowly but surely I came to my senses. This really pissed off my parents but by then I was married with kids of my own so I could just hang up the phone. But I never got over my dislike of the Kennedy’s

I did have reasons that developed over time. I don’t think some of them did right by some of the women in their lives, but I had no idea about who they were as politicians.

So when I tell you all this, its because I have only just started learning about what the Kennedy’s stood for over the past couple of years. I really never paid attention to anything Bobby Kennedy did or said until saw “Bobby” and I was moved and touched to my heart at what he said and the ideals he embodied. And now I am reading about him and looking for news clips of his speeches because I just want to hear it all. I can only imagine that must have been somewhat what it was like when he was out in the world in his time.

Our country was in a desperate crisis in 1968 just as it is now, and people pinned all of their hopes on there even being a future on Bobby Kennedy.

Can you compare Barak Obama to Bobby Kennedy? In most ways I don’t think you can. I think that Bobby Kennedy was a once in a lifetime politician with a once in a life time vision.

But I do think that we are in a similar circumstance, if not a more dire one than 1968. We not only have a war without end but we have assaults on the constitution and now a congress who seems to be too timid to act as we have directed them.

One thing is for sure, Barak Obama must win in November. We are in a desperate place now that the people of 1968 were in. We need Barak Obama to win. We need him for the Environment, Women’s Rights and to regain respect in the world.

I am willing to look past FISA because I trust him. Frankly, I don’t care what he has to do to get elected as long as he gets elected. I have faith that he is going to correct a lot of these aberrations once he is president.

I have never been lucky enough to see Barak speak in person but I hope to some day. But even watching him on TV giving a speech grips me and makes me feel that if we can only hang on we will be ok. I believe him and I believe in him and I have never felt that way about a politician and I have never given money to a political campaign until now.

I am not normally a starry eyed “Believer” I am actually pretty cynical and believe and expect the worst from people because in my experience in life it’s a fair bet that is what you will get. But Barak is different.

So in spite of his human flaws I will do anything I can to get him elected.

He may not be Bobby Kennedy but I feel in my heart he is our generation’s Bobby Kennedy.