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    Cubans throng U.S. via Mexico - Treaty to target trafficker gangs

    Organized and increasingly violent criminals are helping Cuban emigrants make their way into the United States through Mexico, prompting Havana and Mexico City to open negotiations on a treaty to try to control the human trafficking.
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    Thanks, megimoo. This might help explain something the wife and I ran into at a fruit/vegetable stand last summer.

    While we were there shopping, a group of Hispanic types arrived, from Colorado. Several were clearly Mexican. Two others, the apparent leaders of the group were different. They were well dressed, hair nicely cut, and not Mexican nationals. They were also very arrogant and although they didn't cause any trouble, it was clear to us and to the people running the fruit stand that something was going on.

    They stood back and very carefully watched while the illegals (yes, the Mexicans were illegal) bought some fruit. Then, they herded them back into the car and they were off, headed south.

    It's a bit of a reversal on the story since, whoever the two characters were, they were in charge and they weren't like any illegal Mexicans I've ever seen either in looks or deportment. Believe me, living here in NM, I've seen way too many illegals.
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