The Admins are pretending DU is revelent again

I guess since the Obama fundraiser is a bust, they decided DUers would be more likely to spread some lies and half truths than part with some cash.

EarlG ADMIN (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-14-08 12:58 PM
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DU project: proposed Activist Corps action - need your ideas
Advertisements [?]Over the weekend we received some suggestions for the first DU Activist Corps action of 2008. I think most practical suggestions were the ones about going after McCain's credibility - highlighting stuff about him that the MSM barely wants to touch - and spreading this information on a grass-roots level. The simplest method of delivery would probably be a viral email that members of the DU Activist Corps can send to their friends, family, co-workers, email lists, etc.

Note that UNLIKE the Obama smear emails, everything in our email should be true and verifiable. Also, I think it would be counter-productive to include stuff about McCain's military service (for example, the number of planes he crashed) so please don't bother with those.

So here are my first suggestions for the email - please chime in with your own, and I'll compile the best suggestions before we do the announcement tomorrow.

DID YOU KNOW? John McCain came back from Vietnam and cheated on his disabled wife before leaving her (and his three children) and marrying a rich heiress 17 years his junior. McCain obtained a marriage license for his second marriage while he was still married to his first wife.

DID YOU KNOW? The McCains own ten homes, valued at more than $13 million, including TWO beachfront condos in a swanky California town.

DID YOU KNOW? The McCains regularly charge hundreds of thousands of dollars a MONTH on their credit cards.

DID YOU KNOW? John McCain's chief economic adviser, rich Swiss Bank lobbyist Phil Gramm, recently told the Washington Times that the current economic crisis is a "mental recession" and said that America is a "nation of whiners."

DID YOU KNOW? John McCain has repeatedly stated that he needs to be "educated" about the economy, and that "The issue of economics is not something Iíve understood as well as I should." Unfortunately the man responsible for educating him is Phil Gramm.

DID YOU KNOW? John McCain recently called Social Security "an absolute disgrace." McCain was a big supporter of President Bush's unpopular plan to ditch Social Security and replace it with private accounts.

DID YOU KNOW? American taxpayers spend $340 million EVERY SINGLE DAY in Iraq. Yet John McCain thinks it would be okay to keep our brave troops there for up to "one hundred years."
Okay, let's have your ideas!

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This comes from a bunch of such thin skinned idiots who think saying Barack's middle name is a smear. Well at least their "viral email" will be easy to refute.