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  1. #1 Government’s scheme to fill gas tanks leaves stomachs empty. 
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    This is just another way our government interferes with progress and hurts us all. Hayek was a genius.

    Burning Dinner

    Government’s scheme to fill gas tanks leaves stomachs empty.

    by Timothy P. Carney

    The “fatal conceit” that Friedrich Hayek wrote about—the hubristic belief that intelligent central planners can better advance the common welfare than can people acting freely—is often used as an analogy or, at least, an overstatement. In the case of ethanol, however, it is literal: by pushing this fuel on us, governments could be starving people to death.

    As food prices worldwide shatter records, a quixotic campaign has been launched on the Left and the Right to roll back the government programs that force ethanol upon the American population. Other countries, too, are rethinking programs that turn plants into fuel. The lobby to defend ethanol subsidies and mandates is entrenched—agribusiness, some venture capitalists betting big on government action, and certain hawkish conservatives hoping to end our dependence on Arab and Venezuelan oil. But with corn futures topping $7 a bushel, riots over food prices erupting around the world, and landscapes in the U.S. changing forever, political support for this subsidized moonshine may be on the wane.

    This much is clear: burning food for fuel threatens people’s ability to eat.

    Ethanol is alcohol squeezed and distilled from agricultural products. In the United
    article at link above.
    Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound - Unknown

    The problem is Empty People, Not Loaded Guns - Linda Schrock Taylor
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    After ethanol is removed from the corn, the corn is then fed to cattle. We eat cattle. Removing the ethanol does not destroy the food value of the corn.

    Not to mention the "minor" fact that farmers are growing far more corn now than they were a few years ago. There will be both corn for ethanol AND more corn than before for human consumption. Plus lots of fat cattle.

    In actual dollars, President Obama’s $4.4 trillion in deficit spending in just three years is 37 percent higher than the previous record of $3.2 trillion (held by President George W. Bush) in deficit spending for an entire presidency. It’s no small feat to demolish an 8-year record in just 3 years.

    Under Obama’s own projections, interest payments on the debt are on course to triple from 2010 (his first budgetary year) to 2018, climbing from $196 billion to $685 billion annually.
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