The Holy Ghost announced yesterday that it would be leaving the Trinity, citing "creator differences" as the cause of the breakup.

Insiders say that the Holy Ghost has been feeling left out and ignored for some time, and resented taking a back seat to Jesus in church publicity.

The Holy Ghost, also known as the Holy Spirit, and "Dove", is officially co-equal and co-eternal with God the Father and God the Son, but while God is credited with bringing the entire universe into being, and Jesus is praised for saving all mankind, the Holy Ghost's responsibilities have tended to involve such detail work as "enabling the Christian life" and "the inspiration and interpretation of Scripture".

"It was supposed to be an even split," said one source, "but everybody knows that the Holy Ghost has always got the smallest piece of the pie. We've seen some huge blowups behind the scenes. There's a lot of jealousy there."

However, in an afternoon press conference, the Holy Ghost maintained a positive tone.

"God is an amazing guy, and has been fantastic to work with," said the Spirit. "I also have tremendous respect for Jesus. There can't be many deities out there who have the talents to save mankind, and also build a nice wooden cabinet."