The DU Gestapo in action - tattling on Hillary supporters

NormaR (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-14-08 11:17 PM
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What do we do about bloggers who admit to "working" DU? (i.e. - deception)
Advertisements [?]This was originally posted by XXXXXX on her site, but then she deleted it after she probably realized how she didn't want to destroy what little credibility she has left.

There is still a copy of her post here, however:

I just listened in on an old friend’s first talk radio show. XXXXXXXXX, formerly of DU and now a fixture on Capital Hill, had a call in on Blog Talk Radio and will have another next week, I think.

Her site is No We wont and she expresses our feelings very well. She was an Edwards supporter who realized during the NH debate that JE was up to no good and teaming up against Hillary. Her reasoning for refusing to vote for Obama includes nothing about Hillary because I think for most of us it is no longer about Hillary, it is about us, the voters being ignored. It is as that caller said, our votes were robbed.

I also got to hear another support I love, XXXXXXXX who was the first to invite me to an off blog private list. We worked DU together for a year and I had never heard her voice. Yeah, everyone does that, even those pristine pure bamaziods.

Kinda funny that I call XXXXXXXXX an old friend. We were blog buddies on DU for a long time then when I went to Rhode Island to canvass a nice woman walked up and asked if I was XXXXXX. XXXXXXX and I canvassed for a day together which makes us blood brethren of the primary wars.

Check out her show next time. I’ll announce it here.

Others need to check out Blog Talk Radio and other ways to keep the movement going.

3 Cheers for XXXXXXXX
The soon to be tombstoned are MassDemm, NewHampster and Tellurian.

Hey Elspeth, I thought this might interest you:

Maddy McCall (1000+ posts) Mon Jul-14-08 11:26 PM
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6. FrenchieCat/EffieBlack hasn't either...
and she admitted to being a professional blogger.