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    Actually, that shoe throwing incident is damning proof of how the Dems have got it wrong. Had he done that with Sod'emInsane, he and his family would be dead or in a torture room.

    Instead the guy got a fair trial and prison, which is understandable, since he attacked a head of state...but he and his family are safe.

    Democracy and freedom defined...the right to protest, to wear the consequences, sure...but he was free to make that statement and he will be released soon enough..but he will go home alive.

    All because of the man he threw a shoe at.:)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teetop View Post
    Hey shit-stain? Who was front and center in 2006 when the dims interrupted BusHitler on the Crongressional floor?

    The answer is here.
    What is funny about this is that Bush says that the Democrats stopped him from fixing Social Security and the Dems applauded this. They were proud of themselves for not fixing SS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suit&Tie View Post
    Because Joe Wilson was on the floor of the UNITED STATES FUCKING CONGRESS.
    If we go by this line of thought, then the Left should have been upset when Code Pink did the same thing; their silence was deafing.
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