VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA When Susan Harrington and her family picked Sandbridge as their vacation destination this summer, they expected hot sunny days at the beach, but instead they got rain and lightning.

We're told she was 23 year-old Stephanie Dawn Kirpes of the 15000 blk of Green Mount Dr. In Woodbridge, Va.

"It was pretty intense. It was coming from this end, off that end, and you could see the bolts from the sky to the sand."

But once the weather cleared up a bit, Susan says the kids were ready to hit the beach. "They saw where the lightning struck so they wanted to see if it turns the sand to glass, just experimenting."

But their sand exploration led them to the unexpected. "The kids came running up yelling call 911. That's when they say they saw a body down there."

Virginia Beach police say a woman jogging along the water around 5:20 Sunday afternoon was struck and killed by lightning.

Susan said "myself and another person went to see if we could give CPR, but she was lying face down-it was too late. The way she was dressed, she wasn't dressed as a jogger. The lightning blew off most of her clothes-it wasn't pretty."

It's a sight Susan says the kids wished they had never seen. "Even though the kids are upset, we're trying to tell them that it's incredible that you found her because nobody wanted to be on the beach.

It's really sad, Susan said. "But hopefully it will bring peace and closure to this family and I hope they find who she belongs to."