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    Quote Originally Posted by expat-pattaya View Post
    So let's guess what happened.

    2006 = ACORN or the like gets the woman a home loan for a house she can not afford in a nice neighborhood. She moves in and makes a few payments. The bet is the house will appreciate and she can refinance.

    2008 = Bank contacts her and asks if she is going to make payments. She is not. Can not.

    2009 = after lengthy talks and efforts to find a way to keep her in the home, all of which fail because the woman NEVER earned enough to make any serious house payments, she is formally evicted as the bank must respect it's stock holders and liquidate the bad debt.

    In the meantime, the "protesters" think private property rights should be suspended to allow her to keep the property she never could afford to assuage their white guilt. Mingling with these idiots are professional protesters who try to create a violent confrontation. Polce are one steo ahead and defuse the situation and complete their task of returning the property to the legal owner.

    Once again, feel good politics FAIL and attempts to use race as a cover FAIL with anyone that has a clue.

    But I have a simple solution to all this. Let the protestors give the woman THEIR homes. Problem solved.

    That's exactly right!! The Liberals do what feels good, not what makes sense or is right.. They think that the woman shouldn't be evicted even though she isn't paying the owner of the house what she agreed to pay... DUH!! Just like how they say that we're just stingy or hateful when we don't want to give poor people more of our money to give them health insurance... I'm sick of policies being made based on how it makes people feel...

    "Housing is a human right! Eviction is a crime!" So someone buys a house and fixes it up and decides to sell their property... A person buys it and can't afford to make the payments for whatever reason-it doesn't matter... And these hippies chant this stupid chant and expect that this freeloader should be allowed to live in someone else's property? How colossally stupid and clueless!! Housing is absolutely not a human right... Just like health care, it's a basic human responsibility that you need to provide for yourself.
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    In another forum I started a thread about the misconception of rights and of what is a right. I mentioned that healthcare isn't a right and guess what? I was labeled a racist. So basically because I don't belive healthcare to be a right that makes me a racist. Of what race? All of them I guess. That said, my rant was that in order for something to be a right one has to first believe that they have the right to someone else's property. In the case of healthcare it would be the doctor's service which he/she spent thousands of dollars and years of training, school, and sacrifice to attain. In this case, these people feel housing is a right meaning that they claim ownership of the contractor's labor as well as the owner's property. It's quite simple really. These people don't believe in property rights...until you try to take something of theirs.
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    The protesters were correct when they chant "property is a human right." The property went back to the rightful owners.
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    They're breaking the law threatening the cops and are surprised when the turn to the weapons they have on hand to protect themselves? whata bunch of TARDS!
    Stand up for what is right, even if you have to stand alone.
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