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The truth about Michelle Obama's "whitey" tape Rec this post so the TRUTH gets OUT!!!

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I got this from one of the blogs at barackobama.com: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/gregm

This really does sound like the most logical explanation for this supposed "whitey" tape. Apparently Michelle Obama is saying '"why'd he"? and not "whitey" while talking about george bush's lack of response to hurricane katrina. Gosh i swear these anti-obama people really don't have anything legit that they can use, do they?


Trouble Brewing

There's been a flurry of activity in the blogosphere. One last push by Clinton supporters to attack Obama on personal and racial terms rather than substance.
A long time Clinton supporter, Larry Johnson, claims to have a tape of Michelle Obama speaking at Trinity United Church.
The 'bombshell' is a supposed rant against "Whitey".
The reality is Michelle speaking against George W Bush. "Why'd he let those people die in New Orleans?" "Why'd he drop so many off of Medicare?" etc...
It boils down to slang. "Why'd he" versus "Whitey".
But this video is supposed to hit in a few hours: 9am EST on June 2.

Here's what we need to be clear on.
This is a race baiting story based on a doctored video. We are supposed to hear "Whitey" instead of what was really said
The origin of this attack is important.
If it is the GOP, they will not release it at this stage and would wait to drop the video in late October. Such an act would leave little time to debunk and calm people down, and would surely improve their shortterm odds at winning the presidency

If it is in fact released in a few hours, cuo bono? Who Benefits?
The Clinton's are the only beneficiaries of such a video. Many of their supporters are rumored to have sought a copy of the video (http://clintondems.com/2008/05/1m-bounty-offered-for-mi... /)
The tape is supposed to be released by long time Clinton support Larry Johnson (site).
The tape has been an open secret at Fox News for several weeks. Sean Hannity laughs about those 'nut jobs' who think he has such a tape, but then brags about having it and waiting for the right time to release it.

It is way too early for the Republicans to benefit. In fact, it would backfire on the Republicans to play this hand so early... to much time to suffer the backlash and be cast as a party of bigots.
This cannot escalate to the point of Rev Wright. The goal of the peddler is to inject more Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt into this nominating process and force the issue to the convention. This is either to benefit the Clintons at this stage by trying to force Obama to resign, or to make the Dems lose completely.

If you hear this on the morning news or blogs, respond quickly and politely. This is dirty politics at its worst; and let's fight fire with water.
Update: the link in the text didn't work this one should!
So this is the spin they're gonna use? Should get very interesting.