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  1. #1 Ann Coulter Tells Geraldo "GOP Should Do Opposite of What You Say" - Video 
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    Ann Coulter on 2nd "You Lie" Apology; Tells Geraldo "GOP Should Do Opposite of What You Say" - Video

    Here is video of Ann Coulter debating Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera whether GOP Rep. Joe Wilson should apologize a second time for his "You Lie" Outburst, this time from the floor of the House.

    Juan Williams thinks he should have to, and believes Joe Wilson has helped Obama to galvanize support among Democrats in Congress.
    Coulter Tells Joe Wilson: "Geraldo Is Not Your Friend!"

    Ann Coulter does not think he should apologize anymore, and when Geraldo said he should, Coulter responded: "Republicans should do the opposite of what you tell them to do. Joe Wilson, Geraldo is not your friend." . . . (VIDEO)
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    Geraldo is Geraldo's only friend. Why he's still employed is beyond me-he's despised on the right and the left.

    One of my favorite Geraldo moments is his interview of Manson in the late 80s. He was trying to get Charlie to act crazy, and after Geraldo provoked the sociopath for about 20 minutes, Charlie finally gave in and started acting crazy. First, he called Geraldo out on his tactics, though. Afterward, Geraldo kept saying that Charlie threatened to kill him.
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    Ann made a very good point, and Joe Wilson made the same point on Sunday's Fox Morning News. There is a statement in the bill that says it's not to be applied to illegal immigrants, but it's also illegal for Mexicans to cross the Southern border into Arizona. The point is-there is no enforcement in place for either-in fact, it's ILLEGAL to enforce the immigration laws in most instances or even inquire as to a Hispanic's status, so they're both pretty much useless exclusions... You can bet that it will be illegal to even ask the status of a person needing medical insurance... It's like the don't ask, don't tell policy in the military-unless you make it known that you're illegal, we're not allowed to act on it.
    Obama-if you're being run out of town, get out in front and pretend that it's a parade!!!
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