raccoon (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 08:53 AM
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Hey, foreigners! Do any of your countries have a pledge of allegiance to your country's flag?

Or something similar to it?

By the way, did Nazi Germany?
And all the usual comments come out of this.
babylonsister (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 08:55 AM
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1. Sad. I remember when the pledge of allegiance wasn't a bad thing.
Or maybe the country we pledged to wasn't.
MookieWilson (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 09:05 AM
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4. It's just not worth...
getting worked up about. Take "under God" out of it and I have no problem with it whatsoever.

We have bigger problems.
babylonsister (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 09:11 AM
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5. I'm not religious, but 'under God' doesn't bother me as much
as pledging allegiance to a country that's let me down. And yes, we do have bigger problems, not being proud of my country being one of them.
marmar (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 09:14 AM
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6. Agreed. And it's not a good feeling....
.... I was at a Tigers game last week, and felt as cold as ice when the national anthem was sung - I almost felt hostile toward it. That's never happened to me before.
MookieWilson (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 09:18 AM
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7. I'm pretty disappointed in my government...
and all the folks that either voted for Bush in 2004 - when they should have known better - and all the folks who didn't think it important enough to vote in 2004, thus giving him another four years.

Then I look at all the other countries that went along with the Iraq War despite strong public opinion against it - Spain, England, Italy, etc. All got suckered into a war about 'freedom'. Fools. Canada got it right this time.
MookieWilson (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 09:04 AM
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3. Please, PLEASE stop the Nazi Germany references.
DiktatrW (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 09:39 AM
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10. Definitely, stop that shit now.
I think the Nazis are getting offended by it.
KzooDem (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-16-08 09:45 AM
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11. Why? Personally, I'm terrified of history repeating itself.
Edited on Wed Jul-16-08 09:46 AM by KzooDem
My mother LIVED in Nazi Europe, and she and her family fled Hitler's march into France literally a few days before it would have been too late.

She is sickened to see some of the same things happening here that took place in Germany and Europe in the approach to tyranny by the Nazis. Nationalism was the same sick calling card that is now engendered by the Bush administration and the GOP.

It is HIGHLY RELEVANT to make the comparison. No, we aren't throwing people into gas chambers by the train load (yet), but some things are sounding very familiar. History: learn from it or repeat it.