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  1. #1 Extraordinary 19th cent. photo's of explorer's travels unearthed 
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    Extraordinary 19th cent. photo's of explorer's travels unearthed and he painted the colours himself

    A stunning collection of photographs taken by a 19th century globetrotter has caused a stir - because he meticulously painted the colours in himself.

    The amazing images shed new light on the world as it was more than 100 years ago, with vivid images of snake charmers, ships on the Suez Canal and fighting Sikhs, among others.

    Henry Harrison, a Royal Navy Paymaster General, took the black and white pictures on his voyages around the globe and, because he was a talented artist, was able to painstakingly colour them in.

    Stunning imagery: One of Henry Harrison's photographs shows prisoners in China waiting to be executed. He painstakingly hand-painted the colours himself

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    A: Those pictures are amazing. Beautifully done.
    B: The comment section has evidently degenerated quickly into a "evil Brit empire destroyed Asia !!!111111" urinary duel.
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