This is a snip from an article posted by CBS on Oct 8, 2003

(CBS) At this moment, three Americans are being held hostage under heavy guard in the jungles of Colombia, hoping for a miracle.

Their story is probably one you don't know much about. But after hearing from them, it is one you will never forget.

They are hostages of a narco-terrorist group known as FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -- guerrillas with a violent history and a penchant for holding kidnap victims for years, and then, often, killing them.

Was anyone watching CNN around 5 today? Blitzer and the SOB, Cafferty, had been kissing Obama's ass while attacking McCain any way they could. That was no surprise but then Blitzer blew me away. He reported that Columbia's military committed a war crime in the rescue of all those hostages. It seems one of the rescuers had a red cross insignia somewhere on his shirt. I'm not sure of the location.

How in God's name did we get here?