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    "Oh good Now they can tell if they will bleed to death in the ER !

    SANFORD, Fla. -- There's a new way to avoid long waits in the Central Florida Regional Hospital and Osceola Regional Medical Center's emergency rooms. Two new electronic billboards have been erected along Interstate 4 in Seminole and Osceola counties that allows residents to see just how long their emergency room wait should be. One sign was installed on eastbound I-4 near state Road 46 on and the on Highway 192 in Kissimmee. The signs display the average wait time at the emergency rooms and are updated every half-hour.
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    I don't see what difference that makes. If they posted wait times at MULTIPLE hospitals, that would be something which would make a difference, but displaying the wait time at only one hospital's ER doesn't seems to matter'll go there anyways if you have an emergency. Plus, by displaying low wait times, they'll attract more crimigrants. If the crimigrants knew they'd be waiting 4 hours, they might be deterred, but just 30 minutes? Might be worth seeing if that sneeze is swine flu!
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