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    neohippie (398 posts) Thu Jul-17-08 09:49 AM
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    Repugnant Email "The Frog Theory"

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    I just received this warped email from my right wing nut uncle... It never ceases to amaze me how some people can live with such a distorted view of history, their denial is so great, even when you try to calmly present the facts to them the right wing masses continue to believe this drivel

    I have posted the email below.

    Dear Friends:

    An email from Dr. Larry J. Tracy.. His message is
    titled "The Frog Theory." He explains why we never
    see danger until it is too late.

    If you drop a frog in boiling water he will leap
    right out. If you slowly heat the water he will be content
    until it's too late to get out. That is exactly how
    history works. It moves slowly and we never really see any
    danger until it's too late.

    Remember how suppressed workers were before
    unions came along? The unions leveled the playing field.
    Unfortunately, over a long period of time the pendulum
    swung too far. Slowly, businesses and factories closed and
    jobs left the country. We were comfortable and didn't
    see the change coming. We blamed everyone except ourselves
    for what happened. We weren't alert to how slow things
    change over time.

    World War II, and the Korean War, demonstrated
    how powerful a united nation could be. Our nation, and our
    families, were united. The father was the head of the
    family and the President was the head of the nation. Both
    were highly respected. We were content and happy.

    We were good at fighting a hot war but we were
    unprepared to fight a cold war with the communists in the
    50's. They knew they couldn't change us but they
    didn't care. Their philosophy was to wait it out and
    capture the minds of our children. They loaded our colleges
    with many of their professors and waited. It didn't take
    long to see the results.

    The 60''s ushered in the radicals, drug
    culture, student protesters, and the Vietnam War. The aim
    of the cold war was to divide and conquer. They divided our
    families and the nation. The secret to defeating a polite
    and respectful people is to scream. The louder and longer
    you scream the better your chance of winning. Radicals are
    masters at this form of attack. They know if you constantly
    scream and repeat a lie it will eventually become the truth.

    The media, and Hollywood, hammered us with hate
    America themes and stories. Our service men, and women,
    were jeered, cursed, and spit on. Even the people, one of
    whom later wanted to become their President, trashed them.
    We lost our first War in history. There was no hero's
    homecoming for our fighting men and women.

    The Reverend King, who was raised in the old
    school, peacefully changed the race issue and united the
    people. When he died the new breed of leaders like the
    Jesse Jackson's, Lewis Farrakon,'s Al
    Sharpton's, and Rev. Wright's put a lid on his
    efforts and turned racism into a money making machine.

    Corporations were green-mailed by threats of
    protests, product boycotts, or endless lawsuits. Every
    issue, large or small, became a race issue. The public
    recoiled in fear of being called a racist. Their voices
    were silenced because one word could cost you a career, get
    you fired, or get you sued.

    Even politicians buckled under to the pressure.
    The Florida legislature issued a formal apology for having
    slavery 200 years ago. They were thanked by being asked for
    compensation. There is no end in sight for this kind of
    nonsense. America didn't capture slaves and bring them
    to America. Their own people sold them to slave traders
    from several nations. This knowledge doesn't stop the
    screamers. History is what it is and you can't change
    it. There have been many tragic events in history. You
    acknowledge them and move on.

    They divided our nation into two separate
    Americas. We now have Americans, and African-Americans,
    although Africa has nothing to do with being an American.
    You can be one or the other but not both. You are what you
    were born to be. You do not subordinate our country to any
    foreign nation. It's equivalent to flying the African
    flag above the Stars and Stripes. If you hyphenate two
    countries America always comes first.

    This election year could be the turning point in
    our history because the frog theory has come into play.
    It's time to step back and look at how the country has
    slowly changed since the cold war started. Don't get
    caught up in all the hype.

    George McGovern was the first Presidential
    candidate to test the waters with college students. The
    Clinton's played a big role in his campaign. It was the
    worst campaign ever run. He was crushed in the election.

    Step two was to infiltrate all the information
    vehicles such as radio, newspapers, magazines, TV and
    movies. They were quite successful at that. Jimmy Carter
    was the first President to demonstrate the leadership
    skills of the far left. Weak military, high taxes, runaway
    inflation, 19% mortgage rates, and plain incompetence ended
    his career in Washington. Iran, a small country at the time,
    took American hostages and kicked sand in our face. By
    negotiating from weakness Carter could not get the hostages

    The big benefit of the Carter years is that they
    were followed by the Reagan years. The nation got a clear
    look at the difference between a weak nation and a strong
    nation. Every student should know this difference. When
    Ronald Reagan took over the hostages were quickly released,
    taxes were lowered, inflation dropped, mortgage rates
    dropped, and the military was strengthened. Russia quickly
    waved the white flag and waited for another Democrat term.

    Clinton took over Carters uncompleted social
    programs. He weakened the military and tried to pass large
    government programs. An Intern derailed his Presidency.
    While he was tied up with his personal problems his lawyers
    ran the country. He passed up three opportunities to take
    out Osama Bin Laden. This eventually cost us the loss of
    our Twin Towers, thousands of American lives, and got us
    involved in a war with Iraq.

    By the end of his term the left had captured a
    large share of the media and it flexed its muscle in 2000.
    The hate Bush campaign got off to a roaring start. The
    brainwashing theory of repeating the same story over and
    over again was launched.

    There were endless stories about our evil nation
    and its President. Top-secret plans were leaked to the
    press and printed for the entire world to see. Hollywood
    cranked out documentaries about the evil Bush
    administration and our evil military. They laid the
    groundwork for the next election. The ACLU flooded the
    courts with lawsuits and the Democratic party became a law
    firm. Almost every incumbent, or his or her spouse, is a

    They now have the perfect candidate because they
    can squash criticism by playing the race card. If you
    don't like Obama, or criticize him, you are a racist.
    They can hide his inexperience and background by turning
    him into a rock star and singing change and hope. They
    don't tell us what kind of change, or how it will be
    done, only that you should hope for the best. By keeping
    the hype going they don't have to put anything of
    substance on the table.

    The only thing we really know about Obama is that
    his wife has never been proud to be an American. They want
    us to believe that his liberal college professors, Rev.
    Pfleger, his ties to radicals Bill Ayer and Lewis Farrakon,
    and listening to the Rev. Wright's hate talks for 20
    years, had no influence on his thinking. If they
    didn't, then who did? He wasn't in business and
    didn't see fit to serve his country. These people
    launched his political career and their organizations
    received earmarks in return for their campaign donations
    and political help. They must have had some influence. Rev.
    Wright's church received over $15 million. That's
    only one small local church. Think on a national scale.

    The change being promoted is a change back to the
    Carter years. It started in 2006 when the lawyer party took
    over. There have been endless lawsuits and investigations
    in retaliation for the Clinton years. It keeps the lawyers
    busy but does nothing for the economy. The economy has been
    in a downward spiral since they took over.

    Returning to the Carter years of high taxes, high
    inflation, and a weak military is not the change we are
    looking for. We cannot cower to a bunch of crazies whose
    only goal in life is to kill us.

    The old sage's (over 50) will have to play a
    big role in this election. The young people simply
    don't know what the aged know. The advantage of aging
    is the knowledge you accumulated. You know what United
    States means. You know what the seldom-heard word respect
    means. You know how wonderful freedom and independence is.
    You know the difference between a strong an d a weak
    nation; and you know what it takes to keep it strong. You
    know history because you have lived it.

    Although the old guard is dying off, and getting
    too tired to fight, they have to muster one more charge. If
    they don't, our children, and grandchildren, will never
    know the joy and freedom that is the bedrock of our
    country. The heat is slowly being turned up and the water
    is getting hot. The old frogs better start jumping before
    it's too late.
    My response in next post.
    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    ~Winston Churchill
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    Excellent email IMO. None of the DUmmies, so far, have been able to argue any of the points in the email. But it's fun to watch them post lil one liners about how stupid, close minded, and wrong the email is without going into any of the specifics.

    My OP was too long with my comment included.
    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    ~Winston Churchill
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    Every single word is true.
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    Hey DUmmie neohippo, great e-mail, hope it dont mind that I'm stealing it!!

    :Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
    ” I wondered why the rock was getting larger. Then it hit me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonnabend View Post
    Every single word is true.
    That would be why DU finds it repugnant/
    Romans 6:18 You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.

    Differences between Obama and God: God's plan to save us is actually written down for people to read. Rush Limbaugh.

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    I just happened to receive that e-mail this morning. :D
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    Great email.
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